Nail implants installment course

Nail implants installment

    Theoretical part:
  • Nail anatomy; arm anatomy; hand massage; palm aromatherapy; parafine; mask;
  • Getting to know hand and nails care products

Practical part:
  • Manicure
  • Getting to know techniques and materials for nail implants
  • Nail implants installment
  • Work on first model - getting the nails longer with the help of apexs, tips
  • Work on second model - upgrade and making the nails longer with gel
  • Work on third model - French manicure with gels
  • Work on fourth model - Stabilizer system, which with help of colagen stabilizes the surface of natural nails. System allows optimal merging between natural nail and implants
  • Nail art; French manicure with nail polishes
  • Line art; nail decoration; diamants; dust; stickers; pendants

Two weeks after the course, care and corrections on your models take place.


ManicureTheoretical part:

  • Nail anatomy; arm and hand anatomy; palm massage; palm aromatherapy; parafine; mask; getting to know nail and hand care products
  • Getting to know the tool neccesary for work with hands and nails

Practical pat - 5 models

Nail art

Nail art

  • Applying nail polish
  • Nail art
  • Drawing
  • Nail decoration
  • Diamants
  • Dust
  • Stickers
  • Pendants
  • French manicure with nail polishes

Permanent make-up and temporary tattoo

Permanent make-up and temporary tattooTheoretical part + Practical part - 4 models

1. model - Lips
2. model - Eyes
3. model - Eyebrows
4. model - Tattoo


PedicureTheoretical part:

  • Nail anatomy; foot anatomy; foot massage; aromatherapy; parafine; mask; getting to know nail and foot care products
  • Foot and feet disorders, changes and deformations

Practical part - 5 models

  • Estetic pedicure; grown-in toe nails; toe nail disorders; installment and upgrade of nail implants

Course prices

Nail implants 3.200,00 Kn + VAT
Manicure 2.140,00 Kn + VAT
Pedicure 2.140,00 Kn + VAT
Make-up 2.140,00 Kn + VAT
Tattoo 5.008,00 Kn + VAT
Permanent make up + tattoo 8.025,00 Kn + VAT
Nail art 749,00 Kn + VAT
Aromatherapy 749,00 Kn + VAT
Depilation 749,00 Kn + VAT

Beauty centre Anđela

Beauty centre Anđela exists since 2001. and is located in Split. We follow the latest trends in Croatia as well as in world cosmetic scene with the purpose of developing more quality and effectivness with our services for our clients. Our 11 expert workers will make your expirience in Beauty centre Anđela a pleasent one.


  • Artificial nail implants seminar
  • Manicure
  • Nail-art
  • Permanent make-up and temporary tattoo course
  • Pedicure

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