MassageChoose from our wide variety of massages. If u either want a full massage or parcial massage, if u need a massage for health reasons or just for relaxing, Beauty centre Anđela is the right place for You. Give in to capable hands of our expert workers. All u need to do is enjoy yourself.


SolariumWith nice tan, solarium has some other positive effects on Your health. We will mention Vitamin D since it is one of the most effective bone guards, and doctors recomend tanning in solarium for some skin diseases.

Permanent make-up and temporary tattoo

Make-upWith permanent make-up made by company LCN your beauty will be perfectly and permanently emphasized. Machines and colours that company LCN uses are used world-wide and are one of the best products in the market. LCN TEMPTOO - temporary tattooing uses the same machine as for LCN PMC (permanent make-up), Kryoliner, and with it we offer you the possibility to have the tattoo for 2-5 years, and if you still like it after that period make it permanent, or just let it fade away… The pigmenting colours, PMC Colours have been tested for dermatological compatibility and meet the highest standards for purity and quality.

Depilation and depilation with laser

DepilacijaBeauty centre Anđela offers wide variety of hot wax depilations and cold wax depilations, depilations by electrolise with needle or tweezers for ladies as well as for gentlemens. We also offer wax depilation adapted to sensitive skin. 

Manicure and pedicure

Manikura i pedikuraWe offer French manicure, Nail implant installment, Nail-art, and Hand and foot wellness services. We also offer the possibility of nail implants as help with problems of deformed nails or grown-in nails.

In our work we are using LCN company products. Advantage is that their products are all natural.

Body treatments

Body treatmentsEvery skin after some time shows signs of need for revitalisation. In Beauty centre Anđela we offer different methods that will keep your body in perfect shape. Body peeling, different Body masks, anticelulite treatments and reduction in body size with Body wrap and Fitness wrap tehniques, Aromatherapy for relaxing, Body electrostimulation, Lymph drainage, Ultra-sound and Vacu-press for problems with fat, acne, for skin regeneration and similar problems. We also offer Breast-firming treatment and Foot and hand wellness treatments.

Face treatments

Face treatmentsWe offer complete treatments and special treatments for certain skin types. Oxygen treatment for lack of oxygen in your skin, Moisturizing treatment for lack of moisture in your skin, Vitalizing treatment with lifting complex and Age protection treatment for younger skin. If u want to relax try Face aromatherapy and different types of Masks for refreshing your skin.

Face dermobrasion method is an achievement in combining newest scientific methods with natural processes. Helps remove or decrease stretch marks, hypertrophic scars (keloids), hypotrophic scars (acne scars, chickenpox scars), unequal pigmentation (age spots), wrinkles and mood signs, bags under eyes, flaccid and toneless tissue.



    Getting to know anatomy of an arm, hand and nail care products, how to properly massage a palm, palm aromatherapy, practical part of the course is carried out trough 4 models.
    Nail polishing, lineart, nail decoration, diamants, dust, stickers, pendants, French manicure with nail polishers...
    Theoretical part + practical part trough 4 models (lips, eyes, eyebrows, tattoo)
    Getting to know nail anatomy, feet anatomy, feet and nail care products, feet and nail deformations and diseases. Practical part is carried out trough 5 models.

Beauty centre Anđela

Beauty centre Anđela exists since 2001. and is located in Split. We follow the latest trends in Croatia as well as in world cosmetic scene with the purpose of developing more quality and effectivness with our services for our clients. Our 11 expert workers will make your expirience in Beauty centre Anđela a pleasent one.


  • Artificial nail implants seminar
  • Manicure
  • Nail-art
  • Permanent make-up and temporary tattoo course
  • Pedicure

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